Tuesday, 1 August 2017

How To Keep My Office Pest Free

On that side of your desk, do you see a trail of ants? As you eat, flies are all over and you have to keep swatting to keep them away from your lunch. Worse of it all, you hear some scurrying in the roof and you are wondering if those are rodents. You just confirmed that your office is under imminent attack from pest. They share your space and you may find it a hard task to drive them away. Now you are moving around wondering what to do with the pest problem.

Fortunately, for you, this post is all about keeping your office free from pest.

· Keep your office clean-office cleaning is the first rule to pest free environment. Keep the floor and workspace clean. Any food scraps, dust and any other kind of dirt should have no place in your office. If you do not have time to do it on regular basis, you can hire cleaning professionals. Let everyone be conscious of office cleanliness and you will have an easy job of keeping pest at bay.

· Keep an eye on office plants- it is understandable that you would want some color and life at the work place. Indoor plants make a good addition to your office. However, you may have a problem with them. They could be the reason why pests have become a constant problem in your office. Ensure that someone is responsible for those plants. Have them attended to in the best manner possible. Have them watered and often sprayed. If left unchecked they could lead to pest infestation that will make your working space unhealthy.

· Tidy up clutter in your office- is your office desk full of stuff that you do not need? Having clutter in your office is a big advantage for pests. They can pitch camp undetected and crawl back into their hidings. Clear all the clutter in and on your desk and the surrounding space. You will be able to notice any infestation on its onset and clear it before it becomes a problem. Besides, a clean desk will keep you focused on your work.

· Attend to your office’s exterior space- the cleanliness of your office’s exterior is as important as your office interior. Ensure that the surrounding is always clean. It is meaningless to have your office clean while the exterior is full of dirt. Pest will always find a way into your workspace despite keeping your office spotless clean.

· Dump any water- mosquitoes are notorious pests and could be a big problem at your office. Having stagnant water in and around your office gives them a breeding ground. No matter how you fight them they will keep coming in large numbers. Look around for any water receptacles and dump them all. This will effectively keep mosquitoes and other pest away from invading your office.

· Empty dustbins daily- one of the major reasons why pests never seem to leave your office is an always-full dustbin. Crawling and flying pests will find a home in there. To make sure this never turns out to be a home to all kinds of pests, empty the dustbin every day. It does not take much effort to have your dustbin emptied. Make it the first thing you do once you arrive at the office in the morning.

· Dust and spray regularly- this one does not need a cleaning company to do it for you. Dusting and spraying your office should be something you do often. It helps keep away common pests, which would become a big problem if given the room to breed.

Quick tips to keep your office tidy and clean

A dirty and untidy office is a home to pests. You would want to up your game on your office cleanliness to keep away pests that would turn into a disaster if left unchecked. To keep your office clean, here are tips from cleaning professionals:

· Do regular general cleaning- how often is your entire office cleaned? If you cannot remember the last time your office was cleaned, you should be worried. Clean your office more regularly. If you cannot do it yourself, cleaning services in Singapore are more than the demand. Let the professional clean your office and you will never have a pest problem.

· No eating at your desk- having your snack or lunch at your desk is a temptation you can hardly ignore. You like the comfort of not moving away from your working space to eat. It is time you stop. Eating away from your desk is not only good for improved productivity but also keeps your office clean.

· Hire cleaning professionals- you already have a lot in your hands. There are company goals that have to be achieved, reports have to be written and so much more. You cannot add office cleaning to your already full plate of duties. Hire a cleaning company to take care of cleaning needs. You will have one less problem to worry about. These are professionals and they always do a good job to secure your continued trust and association. This will ensure that you will never spend a penny on pest control services.

· Stock disinfectant wipes at your office- disinfectant wipes come in handy in keeping your office clean. Often wipe your desk and any open spaces around you. Make a routine for all other workers in your office. This kind of sanitizing keeps you office clean and refreshed.

Achieving a pest free office should not be such a hard thing to achieve. Start by accepting that your office is not a place for pest. You need peace as you go about your daily work. Put an end to the pests by following the ways discussed here. As long as you keep a clean office, you can say goodbye to all pests in your office. If the worse comes to worst, call pest control professions to remedy the situation for you. However, it should not come to that if you ensure cleanliness is a top priority in and around your office.