Sunday, 23 April 2017

Ant Control Tips

Studies have shown that ants can bit, sting and also transmit chemicals that can pose serious health risks to humans. When they invade your house, they can cause wastage of food as well as destruction of property. Doing nothing about ants invasion can result to damage of property and discomfort to humans and pet living around. Ant control is therefore very important especially during rainy season and warm weather when they like invading the house. Below are different types of ants and tips on how to get rid of them.


Scientific studies have shown that there are over 12,000 different species of ants across the globe. Many of these ants are not home invaders. However there are few that like invading home casing massive destruction of property as discussed below.

· Argentine ants  
Just as the name suggest, argentine ants are native to Argentina and some parts of Brazil. They like eating sweet substances such as fat, eggs, meat, sugar, oils and that is probably the reason why they like invading people’s houses. They prefer living wet environment that are close to food source. If not controlled, argentine ant colonies can quickly grow to big size that can cause massive destruction.

· Acrobat ants
The color of acrobat ants varies from red-black, yellow-brown black and brown. Just like argentine ants, acrobat ants prefer living in moist woods that have been damaged. They are very aggressive and when in danger they will sting.

· Carpenter ants
Carpenter ants got their names because they like building their nests in woods. They can cause huge damage when they invade your house. Surprisingly, carpenter ants don’t eat woods, they only remove it when they want to build their nests. Their diet mainly comprises of fat, meat, dead insects and sugary foods.

· Odorous house ants  
This ant got its name because of the fact that they emit strong rotten coconut smell when they are crushed and also because of the fact that their habitat is mostly around houses. They are very social and one colony can comprise up to 10,000 members. They love eating sugary substance especially water melon and dead insects. They live mostly in floor and wall cracks.

· Pavement ants
Pavement ants got their name from the fact that they like building their nest in pavement cracks. This type of an eat almost anything that come their way including honeydew, meat, cheese, nuts, seeds, bread, honey among many others.

· Read imported fire ants
This is the most aggressive of all ant species. They have very painful sting and their nest should be avoided at all cost. Their diet comprises mainly of vegetation and their like building their nests below building foundations. When they invade your home, they will not only pose risk of inflicting physical pain but that can also destroy vegetation around your compound.


1. Eliminate standing water
Just like mosquitoes and termites, ants are also attracted to moisture. It is therefore very important to clear all pools of water around your compound to prevent luring them to invade your compound. During dry season, ants tend to look for places with moisture and if they find one in your compound, they will invade and eventually end up in your house causing massive destruction. If you are not able to eliminate standing water in your compound, spill grease or oil to prevent them from accessing that particular pool of water.

2. Don’t store firewood and building materials next to your home
If ants have invaded your home, then chances are that you have stored firewood and building materials and your house. As discussed above, ants like living in damaged and abandoned woods. When woods are around your house, they will have a safe haven to build their nest and eventually invade your house. It is therefore very important to ensure that all woods are stored in a safe place away from your house to avoid ant invasion.

3. Seal all cracks in your house
Ants usually take advantage of cracks to get into your house. They also use cracks as their habitat. It is therefore very important to seal all cracks both on the floor and the wall. This will block ants from finding their way into your house. Expert advice that you should call a professional to help seal all cracks in your house because you may not be able to seal all cracks if you decide to do it all by yourself.

4. Cut or prune trees that are close to your house
Are you wondering why ants are still invading your house despite the fact that you have sealed all cracks? If yes then reason is because you have not pruned tress that are close to your house. Ants usually take advantage of trees by using them as ladders to invade houses. Therefore, if branches are so close to your house, ants may use them to get into your house. Ensure that you prune branches that are close to your house on a regular basis to deny ants a chance of getting into your house.

5. Maintain proper hygiene
Are you the type of person who pile dishes for days without washing? Are you the type of person who don’t empty dustbin on a regular basis? Are you the type of person who don’t clean the house regularly? If yes then ants will become a constant bother. Ants primarily invade houses in search of food. If they realize that they can get easy food from your house, then will not go away. In fact, you will create a perfect platform for them to multiply and expand their colonies. It is therefore very important to ensure that you always maintain proper hygiene to prevent ants from invading into your house.

6. Used a suitable ant repellant
Ant repellants are very effective in eliminating stubborn ants that have invaded your home. However, in order to get quality results that you are looking for, it is crucial that you buy an ant repellent that has been manufactured by a credible company. Take time and conduct your own research to ensure that you choose an effective ant repellant that will help to eliminate ants that have invaded your house.