Monday, 27 February 2017

Professional Bed Bugs Extermination For Home

The company that you have chosen should use only effective pesticides and bed bug control methods, and not bug foggers or bug bombs, as these methods do not work. Licensed professionals would usually use a combination of non-toxic pesticides as well as thermal heat treatment, to eliminate the bed bugs.

A beg bug specialist will first begin by conducting a visual inspection of your home, paying more attention to susceptible areas or furniture that are possible breeding grounds for bed bugs. Following that, the exterminator will be able to recommend a plan that will involve several steps.

Typically, before any extermination work by the pest controller, as a homeowner, you will need to undertake several steps to prepare the rooms:

- Remove all bedding and linen from mattresses, including fabric that is in storage and clothing that might have come into contact with bed bugs. Wash them in hot water and dry them on the hottest setting that your dryer has. After washing, seal items in garbage bags or Ziplock bags, to prevent bed bugs from entering and hiding in clean fabrics.

- Empty closets, drawers and any other furniture in rooms where the infestation has occurred.

- Move beds, closets and other objects away from walls, as the exterminator will access the perimeter of the room where the bed bugs are likely to be hiding.

- On the other hand, if you think that the cost of hiring a professional extermination is too high, you can take the following steps to get rid of them yourself:

- Vacuum all floors and carpets, as well as seams and cracks in bed frames, baseboards, walls, etc.

- Steam clean all rugs, carpets and home linen.

- Use a non-toxic bed bug spray, which will penetrate the exoskeleton of the bug and cause it to dehydrate and die.

- Use a zippered bed encasement that will prevent bed bugs from entering your mattress and reproducing further.

- Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the bed and other spots, which you think the bed bugs might live and hide.

Tips For Getting Rid Of The Bugs

Two main species of bed bug prey on human beings these are the Cimex Lectularius found in temperate climates and the Cimex Hemipterius found in tropical climates. The Hemipterius Bed Bug is very common in Asia. Cimex Lectularius is the bed bug that is now creating problems in cities such as New York and London. Bed Bugs survive by sucking Human blood the bite is extremely itchy and cannot be mistaken for a Mosquito bite.Mosquitoes are not known to carry any infectious diseases they just delivery very irritating bites, unlike bed bugs. Bed Bugs are Small brown oval wingless bugs which shed their skin as they grow.

Bed Bugs are extremely hardy insects. They can go for long periods without eating in fact for up to one year. They are attracted to humans because of the carbon dioxide we secrete from our skin. Bed Bugs do not like the cold and exposure of the Bed Bug to temperatures of -10 degrees centigrade for over one hour usually kills both the eggs and the adult Bed Bug.

Bed Bugs live and breed in the cavities of walls, in clapperboard partitions and bed frames and mattresses. Once infected it becomes extremely difficult and often an infestation lasts for up to a year before the insect is totally eradicated.

There are some methods for fighting the Bed Bug Infestation the first is to spray the mattresses and bed frame with a proprietary chemical designed especially for Bed Bugs. When spraying the mattress and in particularly the bed frame care must be taken to cover all the area with the chemical. Spraying must be carried out every ten days for three months or more.

This is because the eggs hatch around ten days after they are laid. The eggs of the Bed Bug are often laid inside the frame of the bed. Wooden beds are a particular favorite breeding area for Bed Bugs. But having said that they also love the interior of metal beds frame to both breed and live. Exposing the mattress and bed to hot sunlight also helps to drive the Bed Bugs from the bed. Keeping the bed clean and checking for Bed Bugs every day is important.

As with all nasty things prevention is better than cure when traveling always check the corners of the matters for signs of them. If you see blood splotches on the wall leave! Do not put clothes or suitcases on the bed use the wardrobe. Finally, if you see a Bed Bug or are bitten by one complain to the management of the hotel and leave.

Having an infestation in your home is not pleasant particularly if you have small children. The children tend to cry when they are bitten causing the parents to have many sleepless nights. Prevention is better than cure!