Thursday, 2 June 2016

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hiring A Pest Control Company

When trying to decide which company to entrust with your home’s pest problem, there are always important issues that one must take up with the contractor ever before they set foot in your door. Questions like what type of service they deliver, what methods and techniques are employed, as well as what other benefits they have to offer that other companies don’t. Although there are many different pest control companies all across Singapore that have various methods of pest control, you can always find a company that suits your needs best without stretching your budget.

Whether you are strictly looking for professional pest control companies, or you are looking for semi-professional pest control firms that make use of alternative methods, pest control is a great way to start out taking care of your home as you should. What one may be surprised to find out, though, is that despite the availability of many pest control firms, there are very few pest control companies that are officially credited with the pest extermination techniques and training. In fact, there are just but a few accredited pest control and extermination companies in Singapore alone. These are the main companies that you would have to go to receive the best services.

Best ways to find your perfect pest control company

• Recommendations
One of the best ways to find a reliable and trustworthy pest control contractor in Singapore is through word of mouth recommendations. Friends, co-workers, neighbors or family members who have recently used pest control services can recommend the companies they hired. More often than not, word of mouth recommendation is an excellent way of finding a business that will provide reliable and efficient services. However, as good as this method might be, it should not be the only determining factor. What may work for other people might not work for you. Furthermore, the type of pest you want to be exterminated might be different from the pest that infested your friend’s home. If the friend cannot recommend an ideal company, they can at least advise the service providers to avoid.

• Reviews and Testimonials.
If family and friends are unable to help with the search to find a reputable pest control company, though, another choice that is always open is to go through various reviews and testimonials and see what they have to say about the best pest control companies in Singapore. With all the new and ever changing information on the Internet, it is certain that you will find some valuable content. As mentioned before, there are only a few pest control companies that can deliver superb work in the control and extermination of pests. In other words, one might have to take more time than expected to find honest and unbiased reviews and testimonials to help select the best company.

• Social media.
Often people ignore what is said on social media, but social media can be a very reliable source of genuine information. Singaporeans in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn get to express what they feel as well as what they know. By connecting with people who you can relate with, you get to know local pest control companies and which ones to avoid. In short, the social media will never disappoint.

Nevertheless, in order to hire the best company, it is crucial that you be a little skeptic when searching for a certified and accredited pest control firm. The most efficient way of finding your perfect pest control partner is by asking yourself a couple of question.

Here are 5 question to ask yourself before hiring a pest control company.

1. Where did the company start out at?
One important thing to remember when trying to choose a pest control contractor is where the firm started out at. Many pest control contractors may be newbies in the pest control business and originally not from Singapore hence they may not have the depth required for pest control in Singapore. For instance, one of the reasons that you would choose a pest control contractor is if the staff and management who are running the business have lived in Singapore and know all the different facets, the ins and the outs of local pest control. The issue of authenticity is important, and pest control companies vary significantly across the board when it comes to this issue.

2. What methods and techniques does the company employ?
Another issue that one must look into is the methods and equipment used in pest control. The best company should make use of equipment that can handle just about any situation in case there are unexpected on-spot emergencies. How does the contractor’s method affect the environment? You must also know the way that the company will use to solve the pest problem. Sometimes, companies go overboard and use dangerous chemicals for very simple issues. The company you hire should explain the chemicals to be used and disclose any adverse effects.

3. What licenses does the company have and what credential do the staff have?
Yes, a company may be all about pest control, but it might not hold a license for all services in pest control. Singapore has different phases of licensing, and different stages have different requirements and exams. Therefore, before you take a leap, ensure that the company is licensed for the specific services that you require. Who does the company employ? Are they locals or foreigners? Qualified local personnel are always the best option.

4. What services am I paying for?
This is probably the most important question. Are you getting comprehensive services at an affordable rate? Well, always go for a company that will deliver services that are worth your heard earned money. Does the company spray areas that don’t have problems? Do they offer discounts? Technicians that go above and beyond for the same basic fee to make sure that your home is pest free and stopping pests even before they have a chance to invade your precious home are the best choice.

5. How reliable and available is the company?
Is the company always at your disposal? You should always hire a company that is one phone call away. There is nothing more annoying and frustrating than hiring a company whose phone line is always busy. The best decision would be to do business with a local pest control company that has a call center and is staffed by Singaporeans.