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Are Restaurants Required to Have Pest Control Services?

Pests are a common problem not only in Singapore homes but also in commercial establishments such as restaurants, schools, hospitals and food ware houses. There is nothing as frustrating as knowing that while you are working hard to grow your restaurant, there are tiny insects and bugs busy eating up your investment.

If you own a restaurant in Singapore, you need to find restaurants pest control services, NEA for smooth running of your business. Pests can easily contaminate food if special attention is not paid. Discussed below are more reasons why you need to engage professionals in pest control services in your restaurant.

Use of different chemicals from home pest control
Restaurant pest control services, NEA have the required knowledge and experience to know which chemicals are most effective for eliminating vermin and insects without increasing the risk of food contamination. The pesticides used to control pests at home may not be the same used at the restaurant. You may be forgiven to think that you can effectively use the pest control measures you use at home for your restaurant. A restaurant is a food business and so unlike your home, it has more risks of food contamination. In your home, only the kitchen may need strict measures to avoid food contamination during the pest control procedures.

Restaurants Pest Control laws
By Singapore law, there are some pest control elements that should be put in place. You may not know how to go about it but a restaurant pest control expert is able to advise you on what to do. He will help you come up with effective policies and recommendations for your pest control needs.

Health Inspection
Most pest control services have assessors who work diligently to supply you with the required documentation to show that you have complied with the health and hygiene policies. Inspectors in Singapore usually go round in restaurants checking businesses level of hygiene and cleanliness.

Food Quality 
You really do not want a customer to find pests such as mouse in his soup. If it happens, you end up losing customers and the level of embarrassment you feel is enormous. Engaging the services of restaurant pest control services, NEA ensures that your food is clean, tasty and special. The experts know how to control pests effectively and so they will not run around and get into food without your knowledge.

Cost Effectiveness
Restaurants in Singapore are trying their best to cut costs as a result of hard-hitting economy. They are buying cheaper supplies and even eliminating pest control from their budget. This is a very expensive mistake because doing so puts your reputation at risk in the name of cutting costs.

Your establishment should be thoroughly clean to meet Singapore’s health code requirements. When you ignore pest control, the health department officials will shut down your restaurant and I am sure you do not want that to happen. Even in this hard economic times, you can afford to budget for pest control because most companies offer affordable services. If you fail to do so, you will lose much more money as your establishment will come down.

Pest control Advise
Restaurant pest control services, NEA Singapore are in a better position to advise you on pest control best practices. For instance, it is best practice to properly dispose left overs to avoid attracting pests such as rodents and cockroaches.

Customers’ Health
The existence of pests in your restaurant puts the health of your customers and staff at risk. The minute people eat contaminated food, they develop symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, being bloated among other stomach problems. When you seek pest control services Singapore, you do not have to worry about affecting the health of people. You will carry out your pest-free business with confidence that you are offering good healthy foods.

Steps to Follow to Control Pests in your Restaurant

This is the initial step in pest eradication. Inspection helps you to know the places where the pests hide. You therefore pay more attention to such areas when applying pesticides. You identify possible hideouts by tracing any cast skins, eggs, feces or droppings. Most pests such as rodents and flies leave clear infestation signs. As you look for their shelter, remember to check areas such as appliances, electrical outlets, restaurant tables or chairs cracks. Knowing which cracks are hideouts will help you to know where to put pest traps and glue boards.

Proper Hygiene
Maintaining proper hygiene is the most important pest control measure. You should regularly clean dirt prone surfaces and equipment. Sinks, garbage cans, kitchen surfaces are some of the places that can encourage pest infestation if not well cleaned.

Once your restaurant is pest-free, prevent future infestation by sealing every crack and opening. Try to keep windows and doors closed most of the times. You can also clear any bushes around the building that hosts the restaurant. Maintaining good drainage and clean compound also goes a long way in controlling pests.

The three common pests that restaurant pest control services deal with mostly are rodents, flies and cockroaches.

Cockroaches usually hide in cracks and spraying pesticide and sealing of cracks is important. Controlling flies is a bit more difficult because they enter the restaurant during times when you have to open the door. Such times are when a customer is coming in, when receiving supply delivery or when emptying the trash. The most effective prevention measure is therefore clearing all breeding sites outside the premises.

There are different types of flies including drain flies, vinegar flies, house flies and blow flies. Restaurant pest control services, NEA know how to treat different flies with different methods.

As much as employing great cooks and customer friendly workers will help your restaurant grow, it will not keep it booming for centuries if pest control is ignored. Cockroaches should never be seen in the kitchen, dining areas or food preparation area. Restaurant pest control services, NEA Singapore will help you to offer quality non-contaminated food and clean environment for successful business.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

8 Facts About Zika Virus

Zika’ – the name is the most feared on in the world at the moment for the disease, caused by infected Aedes-species mosquitoes, is yet to have a remedy. The disease is caused by mosquitoes that bite during the day and hence traditional methods of using mosquito nets to prevent the spread of the disease is quite ineffective. People affected with Zika virus do not have any symptoms or just mild ones. The virus can be passed on from a pregnant woman to her unborn child and the infection can cause serious birth defects.

Zika was so far mostly confined to the Americas and some parts of Oceania and Cape Verde islands off the coast of West Africa but it has slowly started spreading in South-east Asia, including the city-state of Singapore.

Singapore had announced the first locally contracted case of Zika on August 27, 2016, and in no time, the number of infected people rose to over 100. This is certainly a big worry for the country’s authorities and the common people.

This article lists eight important facts about Zika to get an understanding of this disease:

1. Zika was first detected in Africa:
Zika though has made the headlines now but it is not really a new disease. The first Zika virus was identified among monkeys in Uganda way back in 1947 and the first human case was found in Nigeria seven years later. The disease’s symptoms generally pass within a week but the potential link between Zika and birth defects like microcephaly has emerged as a major worry. The first major outbreak of Zika was reported from the Yap islands in 2007 while in 2015, Brazil reported a link between Zika infection and microcephaly. On February 1, 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the spread of the Zika virus made up Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

2. Symptoms of Zika are generally mild:
Zika apparently seems to be harmless in most people and can cause:

- rash
- fatigue
- muscle pain
- fever
- headache

The symptoms can last between two to seven days. But it sometimes causes a rare complication called Guillain-Barre syndrome, which can cause a temporary paralysis. Study has also found that Zika can damage adult brain cells. Zika continues to surprise observers and scientists by showing more unpleasant signs and they are yet to find answers to a lot of these puzzles.

3. Pregnant women should be concerned the most:
Pregnant women are the most vulnerable to Zika virus. Zika can cause a range of birth defects. It’s not yet clear what percentage of pregnant women can have babies with birth defects but even women who hardly remember of having had any symptoms gave birth to babies with defects. Doctors now ask all expecting mothers to stay away from places where Zika has spread and to keep themselves covered as much as possible.

Partners of pregnant women or those who are planning to become pregnant need to take precaution since Zika also spreads sexually. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has asked men who may have been infected to take protection during sexual intercourse. Women who may have been affected should postpone their pregnancy plans.

Even if one is away from a Zika-infected place, it should be kept in mind that others who travel to those areas pose an equal threat.

People who have been infected by dengue earlier might be more vulnerable to Zika.

4. Mosquito bites and sex transmit Zika:
Zika virus is mainly transmitted through the bite of the Aedes mosquitoes in the tropical region. It can also be transmitted sexually. Research is also on to see whether the Zika virus can be transmitted through blood transfusion.

5. Diagnosis of the disease:
Whether one has a Zika virus infection can only be suspected based on symptoms and recent history of traveling. The diagnosis of Zika, however, can only be done through laboratory tests of blood, urine, saliva or semen.

6. Treatment for Zika:
There is no specific treatment for Zika. Those affected should get plenty of rest, drink enough fluids and take common drug for pain and fever. No vaccine is available for this as of now.

7. Prevention is the only way out against Zika:
Prevention is the only way out to deal with Zika outbreak. It involves taking protection against mosquito bites. Using repellent containing picaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus is the best way to avoid mosquito bites. Practicing safe sex is also another way to prevent Zika since sexual transmission of the disease has been documented in various countries. The women who are planning pregnancy can postpone it if they have been found affected.

8. Research is underway for Zika vaccine: 
The congenital infections have made the world more curious about the Zika and research has accelerated on finding a vaccine for women of reproductive age, like the rubella vaccine. The US Food and Drug Administration has given approval to go ahead with human trials of Zika vaccine.

How WHO has responded to Zika:

The WHO has backed countries that are fighting against the Zika virus by taking steps under the “Zika Strategic Response Framework”. Its action plan includes:

- Prioritizes research into Zika virus
- Enhance surveillance of Zika virus and the complications that could come with it
- Equip laboratories with better capacity to equip the virus
- Back authorities in executing vector control strategies.

The spread of Zika in Singapore has left the entire world anxious for it has proved that all efforts to control this disease have failed and even a country like Singapore which has a better health system in place to control diseases failed to prevent its entry.

Singapore’s National Environment Agency has said all patients with confirmed Zika cases would be treated in public hospital till they completely recover. Singapore authorities are known for their strict monitoring of mosquito-breeding (the country is home to the Aedes mosquitoes) and impose fine if lapses are found in maintenance of hygiene at residential and commercial establishments. The CDC, meanwhile, has added Singapore’s name to the interim travel guidance related to the disease. People coming to Singapore and the residents of this city should take proper precautions to stay away from Zika.

Monday, 29 August 2016

NEA Pest Control Requirement For Restaurant

The National Environment Agency (NEA) constantly strives for the upkeep of the Hygiene standards of food in public places. It has developed a set of guidelines and rules for the Food operators to follow and implement. Pest invasion is a crucial problem and their infestation in food could lead to fatal diseases.

A food establishment should employ optimum quality pest control services. Contaminated food is not only a threat to the health of the customers, it will also be a negative branding on the restaurant’s image and lead to penalties and customer loss. The food served to the public should be prepared in absolute hygienic conditions and comply with the rules of The Food Safety Management System (FSMS).

A food organization should invite tenders from Pest Control Operator (PCO) seeking the following information:

· Experience of the Pest control company in vector management
· No of technicians in the company
· Machinery and technology used for pest control
· Track record of the company

When the Pest Control Service is chosen and employed as per the above-mentioned criteria, a contract has to be drawn. The contract should:

· Assign and specify the activities to be conducted by the pest control operator
· Ensure that the staff should be licensed and competent to carry out the pest control services

A food joint must employ an additional staff that monitors the activities of the pest control service provider. These inspections should be stated in writing. The food organization is authorized to impose the Liquidated Damages (LD) to the PCO. The contract can be terminated if the services are not satisfactory.

Vector control:

The NEA tries to control the rise of vector- borne diseases in Singapore through a series of vector management programs. The vectors are mainly of five types-
· Mosquitoes
· Flea
· Rodent
· Cockroach
· Flies

Companies that are registered with the NEA or the Vector Control Operators (VCO) can conduct vector control activities. The employees must be trained and licensed as Vector control technicians/Vector control workers to conduct any kind of vector control activity.

Products that are used for vector control are liable for registration prior to sales. They have to be registered under the Control of Vectors and Pesticides Act. These products and repellents are available in two categories:
· For general use
· For restricted use- These can be used only by the technicians licensed by the NEA.

Pest Control Operators- Services:-

The pest control services that a PCO has to provide are:
Fly control:
These are the most commonly found vectors and it is difficult to control their entry into a food environment, especially if it is open air.

Fleas breed very speedily and also transmit germs easily. The bacteria and germs get transmitted to the food when the flies sit on them. A pest control service should be well-equipped to eradicate the flies from the kitchen and the dining areas.

Cockroach control:

The areas where there is a possibility of the breeding of cockroaches have to be identified. They should then be examined and steps are taken to get rid of them. Treatments like gel baiting and residual spraying should be used for cockroach hide-outs to terminate them completely.


Rodents and insects are attracted to the food in restaurants through the odor. Therefore, the odor has to be kept in check. The PCO should have sound knowledge in tackling this problem.

Rodent control:

Rats can be a major menace to food joints. They can contaminate food, damage raw materials and furnishings. This could tarnish the image of the food joint completely. Rats are known to chew wiring lines, and nibble wood, plastic, and even mild steel. As soon as a rat infestation is indicated, the PCO should get geared for rodent removal services immediately.

Bird control:

Pigeons are found in abundance in Singapore and tend to make nests in various corners of the building. The feces of pigeons carry harmful bacteria. They can be hazardous for the human body. Moreover, bird droppings can cause slippery grounds and are unsightly to look at. They could clog gutters and pipes with their droppings and nests, and create noise and smell issues.

Termite control:

Termites could lead to major loss of property and lead to costly repair and maintenance services. The PCO should lay out an effective anti-termite program to ensure that the premises are free of these pests. Ants too have to be controlled from spreading.

Mosquito control:

Mosquitoes can transmit germs of fatal diseases and therefore, they have to be kept in control. The PCO should have adequate knowledge about the lifespan and breeding areas of mosquitoes. Treatments like larviciding and thermal fogging are used to terminate the mosquitoes.

The activities of a PCO include:

· The PCO regularly conducts a thorough inspection of the premise and identifies the areas that need pest control.

· They should inspect the bait stations, and undertake pest control activities depending on the pests identified.
· Some techniques employed by the PCO are –
- Fumigation
- Fogging
- Laying traps and baits for rodents
- Odor elimination
- Spraying chemicals and insecticides

A team of expert and licensed technicians will ensure that the food organization is free of pests and has a hygienic environment. The NEA takes effective measures to keep the vector-borne diseases at the minimal. It ensures this by-

· Educational programs
· Enforcements- Inspections, fines, penalties
· Surveillance- For control and prevention of disease outbreaks
· Continous research- Factors and reasons behind the outbreak

The NEA has recently launched a handbook – Food Handler’s Handbook to educate and inform the food operators to gain knowledge about good hygiene practices for their organization. An effective NEA pest control measure is mandatory for a restaurant. The prime concern here is the safety of the people of Singapore. With superior pest control services that comply with the NEA guidelines, all food joint in Singapore will provide quality food services to the customers. These rules apply to all food outlets from local street hawkers to high-end international restaurants and hotels.

Friday, 15 July 2016

How To Treat Bed Bugs Bite?

Over the years that have past, there have been reports of bed bug infestation increase in many apartments and homes in Singapore. Most of the affected people have been searching for different ways of eliminating them as they are a nuisance and affect the quality of sleep one gets at night. As this fight continues, there is another issue of how to deal with the kind of a bite you get from these bed bugs. It is important to first of all make sure that the bites you have on your skin are caused by a bed bug before looking for the best way of treating them. This is because different individuals react differently to these bites. There are some who do not react while others react by getting extreme itches and rash. Below are some important ways in which to effectively treat these bites:

Identify the Bed Bugs Bite

This ought to be the first step you take whenever you notice any form of bites on your skin. It would be important to first of all establish whether the bites on your body were caused by a bed bug or not before seeking ways of treating them. Bed bug bites resemble the bites people get from other insects including mosquitoes and this is the reason why it is important to distinguish them. They appear as a reddish bump that appears raised or like a blister. They are also in a unique pattern, mostly occurring in rows of three or five bites. In order to be certain that the bite on your skin indeed belongs to bed bugs, you should check your beddings to see if you get any signs of their infestation. After making sure that they are indeed bites from a bed bug, you should now seek ways of treating them.

Wash the Bites Using Soap and Water

You should wash the area of the skin where you notice the bites with a mild soap and water. You should wet the surface of your hands with enough soap and then rub the lather you create over the affected areas. You should repeat this until the whole area is well covered but do not rinse it as yet. The soap lather should be left to dry over the whole area that was bitten as it offers you an immediate relief from the itching you will be experiencing from the bites. It prevents skin infections in addition to the alleviation of itchiness.

Using Home Remedies to Relieve the Itching

There are quite a number of home remedies that you can turn to relieve itching from the bed bugs bite. You can make a paste using water and baking soda to help alleviate pain and itching on the bitten area. You should add small amounts of water slowly to your baking soda until you get a thick paste that should be applied over the bites. It ought to be left to dry and also stay on the rash for about an hour before you wash it off using some warm water.

You can also apply some lemon juice, witch hazel or St. John’s Wort over the rash using a cotton ball saturated with these natural astringents. You should then dab the rash using the cotton ball to help in drying it out, an act that will help in controlling the itch. The other home remedy you can use is an aloe vera gel that should be 100% aloe vera. This gel ought to be applied as it contains anti-fungal and antibiotic properties. These two properties will be important as they would prevent you from getting secondary infections from the scratching that results from bed bugs bite. You could also treat these bites by taking a bath that you have added peppermint oil to in order to relieve the feel of itching.

Using Tea Tree Oil

You could also deal with the bed bugs bite well using Tea Tree Oil. This is an essential oil that is usually derived from Melaleuca Alternifolia leaves through steam distillation. These leaves are mostly used for medicinal purposes as they are good in dealing with a variety of conditions, bites being included. This oil has anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. This oil should however, be used with a lot of care as there are some claims that it may have several side effects. In its undiluted form, it may cause irritation to the skin and could also cause blisters or redness on the skin. There are also claims that it may alter hormone levels thereby causing breast enlargement that is unexpected in boys. It should not be used internally and should also be avoided if one is breastfeeding or pregnant.

Applying a Steroidal Anti-itch Cream

You can also apply a cream that contains cortisone or hydrocortisone like Cortaid to reduce itching and inflammation. These creams are readily available over the counter and it is recommended that you consult your doctor on the best cream and brand for you to use. Ensure that you follow the directions on your package on how to apply your cream correctly. The cream is usually mild and causes no side effects when used for short periods of time.

Using Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion can be applied to bed bugs bite to offer some symptomatic relief from the itches. It will also help in drying the rash caused by these bites. This lotion is always great as it offers protection to the skin as the affected areas heal.

Taking Oral Antihistamine

Taking oral antihistamines like diphenhydramine (benardyl) will help in controlling the allergic reactions, the rashes and swelling, which are associated with the bed bugs bite. You should ensure that you taje the right dosages by following all the instructions on the packages. Benardyl can cause drowsiness and it should therefore not be taken while you are driving. You can also get an antihistamine that is topically applied on the skin area that is affected.


All the above are some of the remedies and ways you can turn to in the treatment of bed bugs bite. They are great in helping you find relief from the itching that results from these bed bug bites. It is important to note that you do not necessarily need medical treatment for the bites you get from a bed bug. From a strict medical perspective, they pose little threat to human beings.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hiring A Pest Control Company

When trying to decide which company to entrust with your home’s pest problem, there are always important issues that one must take up with the contractor ever before they set foot in your door. Questions like what type of service they deliver, what methods and techniques are employed, as well as what other benefits they have to offer that other companies don’t. Although there are many different pest control companies all across Singapore that have various methods of pest control, you can always find a company that suits your needs best without stretching your budget.

Whether you are strictly looking for professional pest control companies, or you are looking for semi-professional pest control firms that make use of alternative methods, pest control is a great way to start out taking care of your home as you should. What one may be surprised to find out, though, is that despite the availability of many pest control firms, there are very few pest control companies that are officially credited with the pest extermination techniques and training. In fact, there are just but a few accredited pest control and extermination companies in Singapore alone. These are the main companies that you would have to go to receive the best services.

Best ways to find your perfect pest control company

• Recommendations
One of the best ways to find a reliable and trustworthy pest control contractor in Singapore is through word of mouth recommendations. Friends, co-workers, neighbors or family members who have recently used pest control services can recommend the companies they hired. More often than not, word of mouth recommendation is an excellent way of finding a business that will provide reliable and efficient services. However, as good as this method might be, it should not be the only determining factor. What may work for other people might not work for you. Furthermore, the type of pest you want to be exterminated might be different from the pest that infested your friend’s home. If the friend cannot recommend an ideal company, they can at least advise the service providers to avoid.

• Reviews and Testimonials.
If family and friends are unable to help with the search to find a reputable pest control company, though, another choice that is always open is to go through various reviews and testimonials and see what they have to say about the best pest control companies in Singapore. With all the new and ever changing information on the Internet, it is certain that you will find some valuable content. As mentioned before, there are only a few pest control companies that can deliver superb work in the control and extermination of pests. In other words, one might have to take more time than expected to find honest and unbiased reviews and testimonials to help select the best company.

• Social media.
Often people ignore what is said on social media, but social media can be a very reliable source of genuine information. Singaporeans in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn get to express what they feel as well as what they know. By connecting with people who you can relate with, you get to know local pest control companies and which ones to avoid. In short, the social media will never disappoint.

Nevertheless, in order to hire the best company, it is crucial that you be a little skeptic when searching for a certified and accredited pest control firm. The most efficient way of finding your perfect pest control partner is by asking yourself a couple of question.

Here are 5 question to ask yourself before hiring a pest control company.

1. Where did the company start out at?
One important thing to remember when trying to choose a pest control contractor is where the firm started out at. Many pest control contractors may be newbies in the pest control business and originally not from Singapore hence they may not have the depth required for pest control in Singapore. For instance, one of the reasons that you would choose a pest control contractor is if the staff and management who are running the business have lived in Singapore and know all the different facets, the ins and the outs of local pest control. The issue of authenticity is important, and pest control companies vary significantly across the board when it comes to this issue.

2. What methods and techniques does the company employ?
Another issue that one must look into is the methods and equipment used in pest control. The best company should make use of equipment that can handle just about any situation in case there are unexpected on-spot emergencies. How does the contractor’s method affect the environment? You must also know the way that the company will use to solve the pest problem. Sometimes, companies go overboard and use dangerous chemicals for very simple issues. The company you hire should explain the chemicals to be used and disclose any adverse effects.

3. What licenses does the company have and what credential do the staff have?
Yes, a company may be all about pest control, but it might not hold a license for all services in pest control. Singapore has different phases of licensing, and different stages have different requirements and exams. Therefore, before you take a leap, ensure that the company is licensed for the specific services that you require. Who does the company employ? Are they locals or foreigners? Qualified local personnel are always the best option.

4. What services am I paying for?
This is probably the most important question. Are you getting comprehensive services at an affordable rate? Well, always go for a company that will deliver services that are worth your heard earned money. Does the company spray areas that don’t have problems? Do they offer discounts? Technicians that go above and beyond for the same basic fee to make sure that your home is pest free and stopping pests even before they have a chance to invade your precious home are the best choice.

5. How reliable and available is the company?
Is the company always at your disposal? You should always hire a company that is one phone call away. There is nothing more annoying and frustrating than hiring a company whose phone line is always busy. The best decision would be to do business with a local pest control company that has a call center and is staffed by Singaporeans.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Right Time Of Hiring A Pest Control Service

Are pests becoming a nuisance to you? Well, you may own a business that is prone to pests and finds it challenging on how to control them. Put your worry at bay. Don’t panic anymore because there are guidelines on what you should do before hiring pest control services.

It is pretty obvious that pests irritates and makes you feel uncomfortable. If you fail to hire reliable companies to offer you services, you end up being disappointed. It is important to note that different pests like different environments. At your home or business, you may find many irritating pests around. This may stress you for a long time and you may wonder what to do. If pests are too many and you are unable to control them, it is important to look for reliable pest control services.
This article gives you clear tips to consider before and after hiring a pest control company. Take a look at the factors below:

1. Identify the type of pests
It is obvious that before solving any problem, first of all, identify it. Now you have to identify the pests that you want to control. If you aren’t sure about the identity, try to seek help from local researchers and ask for solutions on how to control it. If you can handle the situation yourself, go ahead and do it. If it is hard for you to control just consider hiring a pest control company.

2. Ask friends or families the companies that have good reputation on pest control services
Now that you have already identified the pest and probably you were unable to control it. It is a high time for you to look for the best company that offers pest control services. Ask friends, neighbors or family members what type of services they have used. Once you are given an idea, do a bit of research about the company and identify the services they offer.

Try as much as possible to get at least 3 companies. Find out whether they have the following qualities:

• Experience
As stated earlier, you may fail to control the pest by yourself due to lack of experience. This is the right time for you to hire experienced companies that offer pest control services. You should make sure that the company you are about to hire is well – versed in pests’ services. If you hire experts, you will definitely get the best services.

• Licensed
It sounds great to work together with a licensed and legit company. You should hire a company that is highly certified. For that reason, pests are known to cause complex health problems. Therefore, they should be controlled properly by certified company.

• Fully equipped
Essential things that a pest control company should have are the equipment required to eliminate pests. Some pesticides are harmful and should be handled with care in order to avoid some health risks. Make sure that the company has all the equipment required getting rid of pests in your home or business area.

• Trustworthy
You feel protected when working with pest Control Company that is loyal. Do you agree with me? Yes, it is obvious that every client would like to work with a reliable pest control company. Try to look for that company that offers reliable services.

• Informative
It will sound nice when services are offered to you and you are given some information on how to go about it. Whether not to touch the pesticides or ways on how to wipe it once the pests are lifeless. 

Make sure that the company informs you about all the safety precautions or the necessary measures of preventing pests. Informative service providers should also give you the tips of keep away from the recurrence of pests.

If you look for a company that has the above qualities, you are guaranteed to get the best services once you hire them. It is good to ensure that the services offered to you meet your needs. Don’t rush while selecting pests control company. Take time and choose the best.

3. Consider the rates and request some inspection
It will not cost you much hiring a pest control company but it is wise to consider the rates. As you figure out the fee required, you may also ask the company to do some inspection to identify the pests. At this point, the company should know the recommended pesticide and take the necessary action whatsoever.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the safety measures that the company informs you. Ensure that pest management services offered are long term.

4. Evaluate the contract
If the services to be offered are long term make sure you review the contract. You should consider the company if the contract contains the name of the company, duration of the service, control plan, fee and the warranty.

5. After you hire the company, ensure that the services in the contract are offered as stated
Confirm that the management of pests is done as you agreed and make sure that you inform the company about the changes of the pest population. Try also to be informative with the company in order to maintain the relationship. Don’t keep quiet if you have a question or any kind of clarity.

6. Do your best to manage the pests
Keep in mind that you can even control pests by yourself. With all the information provided by the pest control company, you can also contribute to pest management. You may be in your business or home but the truth of the matter is that you can’t fail to do something. Just try to do some cleaning and you will definitely stay in a pest free area.

You have now known when you should hire a pest control service and the factors to consider. There are importances of hiring pest control services. Some of them include; peace of mind, safety, and more knowledge about pests and how to handle them. It is a high time for you live in a place that is free from pests. With the right services, you will always have a smile on your face. Just make use of the aforementioned information and it will amazingly help you.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

How To Solve Termite Infestation

Termite infestation in your home can be a very daunting subject for many people. When you try to get rid of this infestation, then many times you get failure in it. Because of this continuous failure many people assume it is impossible to remove the termite infestation from their home. If you will take the help of some experts for same, then you can certainly get rid of termite infestation in easy manner. But if you are not willing to take the help of experts for same and you want to know how to solve termite infestation, then following are few steps that can help you in this process in easy ways.

Create a trap: Mostly termites live in the nest in the ground level or in the or in the foundation area of your house. Since these termites are attracted toward the wood products, and that is why you should take the help of timber or wood products to create a trap for termite infestation. For this trap you can simply take a cardboard box and you can dampen it with some water. When you would have a damped cardboard in the corner of your house, then you will get a lot of termites in that cardboard and then you can remove the cardboard box to a safe place. Ideally you should burn the same to have better result and to avoid the complication in easy manner.

This is just an example, you can try creating same kind of trap by various other means as well. Also, if you have old furniture that is almost dead due to termites, then you can use that also as trap. But you need to understand that this furniture will be useless for you after you trap termites with it. So, make sure you use the furniture only if you are ready to get rid of that.

Use Sun light: To get rid of termite infestation, it is a wise idea that you use sunlight for same. If you already have termite infestation in your furniture, then you can try giving it some exposure to direct sunlight. If you don’t have a lot of space in your home then also you need not to worry about that in any ways. To get better result with sunlight you can simply rotate your furniture to the area where you get sunlight in your room. You can also take the help of direct sunlight to deal with the termite infestation.

However, Singapore is mostly a clouded place so you would get very less amount of sunlight in your room or house. That is why it is advised that if you get sunlight in your room, then instead of wasting that time, you should use that time to treat your furniture’s termite infestation. Indeed, that will take some extra efforts from your, but putting that extra effort is always better than losing your furniture by termites.

Reduce moisture in your room: Singapore is a humid place and you can have a lot of moisture in your room. That moisture can provide a perfect nesting ground for termites. To get better result in this requirement you can simply use air conditioner and you can get good result with ease. If that is not possible for you, or if you are not getting good result with air conditioner, then you can take the help of de humidifier in your room. This de humidifier will also help you get really quick and better result with ease and you would be able to get the best outcome in controlling termites infestation.

Other than artificial methods for reducing humidity in your home, you can try some other methods as well for reducing moisture in your house. For example, if you have some damped section in your house, then you should try working on that. Same is the case for other factors as well that can increase moisture in the house or room. That will certainly help you deal with termite infestation in easy was.

Use Anti termite treatment: Sometime all the natural tactics or processes may fail to get a control on the termite infestation in any manner. This can certainly be a big issue for people that want to remove the termite infestation only with the help of natural solutions. But if you are not getting any good result, then you must need to use some chemical solutions for same. Thankfully a lot of chemical solutions are there that can treat the infestation from root. But if you want to get the best result with it, then it is advised that you get the right kind of solution for same. Also, you should prefer to follow all the essential suggestion or guidelines given by the chemical solution provider.

Also, it is essential that when you use the chemical cleaning solution, then you can use it in every termite whole. If you would miss any of the whole, then you would not be able to rid of termites completely. It can come again after few days and you may need to start everything from basic. Also, it is possible that those termites will develop resistance against the chemical solution and you might not get any positive result with the chemical solution for next use. So, make sure you keep these things in your mind to get the best result with chemicals for termite infestation.

Sometime all the above methods may also fail to work and you might not get any positive outcome with it. In that situation, you can take the help of various options and you can get good result with any method. In that situation, you should take the help some professional firm for same. If you are not able to cure the problem by yourself, then investing more efforts will only take your time and money. And then also you may not get any good result with it. So, in that situation you should hire some professionals to get rid of the termite infestation.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Do Bed Bugs Hate The Smell of Lavender and Cinnamon?

Over the past several years, there has been an increase in bed bug infestations in homes and apartments throughout Singapore. If you or someone you know is currently trying to get rid of bed bugs in Singapore, then you should consider using cinnamon and lavender a natural non-toxic bed bug solution that can be used to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. In addition to getting rid of bed bugs, these all-natural solutions can be used so many other ways around your home and apartment.
Bed Bugs Are a Very Common Problem in Singapore

It seems like everyone is having a problem with bed bugs these days. Absolutely anyone can have bed bugs, including but not limited the cleanest of homes and apartments. No matter what you do to try to prevent them, bed bugs are easy to get because bed bugs are transported in luggage and clothing from one place to another by humans. If you have recently discovered that you have a problem in your home or you have been attempting to get of bed bugs for a long time, then you will be glad to know that there is a way to naturally eliminate bed bugs from your home with cinnamon and lavender.

Not only are these ingredients very strong, they are effective at helping you get rid of bed bugs quickly. Bed bugs hate the smell of these two all-natural scents so much that they will do everything to get away from it quickly. Without a bed and food source to feed from, these bed bugs will not be able to survive very long. This is why it pays to have these two common ingredients on hand to get rid of bed bugs quickly.

Multi-Purpose Natural Scents For Your Home and Apartment
In addition to reducing or eliminating the number of bed bugs you have in your home, these ingredients can be used for aromatherapy as well. As you take the steps to eliminate bed bugs in your home, you can use these scents to create an uplifting environment. Both cinnamon and lavender are used by millions around the world on a daily basis to uplift their spirits and make their home inviting. Since bed bugs can become a problem at anytime, it pays to have some lavender and cinnamon on hand just in case. Whether you are currently having a bed bug problem or not, you should consider the benefits of using lavender and cinnamon to prevent bed bug infestation as well.

Kill Bed Bugs With Cinnamon and Lavender
Although cinnamon and lavender have a pleasant smell that non-toxic and humans love, bed bugs hate the smell of these two natural ingredients. These ingredients are not harmful to humans, but are actually known to be poisonous to bed bugs. That is why they are so effective in helping people eliminate bed bugs from their home. In addition to being an effective bed bug removal, cinnamon and lavender also offer the following benefits:

*Reduce and eliminate bed bug infestations
*Can be used in every room
*Kills bed bugs and their eggs
*Effective bed bug skin repellent

Lavender and Cinnamon Works in Every Room
Whether your bed bug problem is limited to one room or your entire house in Singapore, it is important that you take the steps to eliminate and kill the bed bugs in your home as quickly as possible. Bed bugs are known to multiply rapidly and can spread throughout an entire house very quickly. To prevent and eliminate bed bugs, many people in Singapore have discovered the benefits of using cinnamon powder and lavender spray on their beds, bed frames, bedding and other strategic places to get rid of bed bugs in all of the rooms in their home or apartment.

Many parents who are concerned about the toxic effects of using harmful bed bug sprays are using lavender and cinnamon because they know that bed bugs hate the smell of lavender and cinnamon. Since these sprays are not harmful to humans, they can be in moderation in kids rooms and where children play. This is one of the many reasons why these all-natural solutions have become very popular in Singapore over the years.

Cinnamon and Lavender Kills Bed Bugs and Eggs
Although cinnamon and lavender have a pleasant smell that humans like, bed bugs hate the smell of lavender and cinnamon. Whether you choose to use a lavender spray or cinnamon powder in your beds, there are many different ways to fill your rooms with these powerful aromatic scents. Once you begin to spray the surfaces where bed bugs are known to hide, you will begin to a notice a difference. These powerful all-natural solutions and scents are known to help kill bed bugs and their eggs quickly. For best results, you should plan on spraying the lavender and cinnamon powder in your bed, bed frames, bedding, chairs and other places where bed bugs are known to linger.

All-Natural Bed Bug Skin Repellents
After using these all-natural ingredients in your home, you may want to use these solutions a natural bed bug skin repellent as well. Although bed bugs are not known to cause life-threatening health problems, they do bite and can cause terrible skin irritations. If you are looking for a natural solution bed bug skin repellent, then you will be glad to know that lavender is one of the most effective skin repellents when used as directed.

Bed Bug Expert Can Help With Bed Bug Removal

Unfortunately, bed bugs are very difficult to eliminate in Singapore. Although these natural solutions are very effective, many people in Singapore also take the time to call in a bed bug removal expert for help as well. The key to success is to take the steps to get rid of bed bugs quickly. Although bed bugs are not known to cause life-threatening health conditions, they multiply very quickly, are very annoying and cause terrible skin conditions. By using a combination of tried and proven natural bed bug elimination techniques and calling in a bed bug expert for help, you will be on your way to eliminating bed bugs from your home or apartment in Singapore.