Thursday, 12 November 2015

How To Stop Roaches From Breeding?

Roaches are among the insects found all over the world as they can live in wide range of environments but no one wants to keep them in his home or any other property as they can be harmful for everyone in various manners. Before discussing how to stop the breeding of roaches in Singapore you must have brief information about them and their effects in your property.

Usually roaches have six legs, 2 inch long physical structure and two antennae but the roaches found in tropical regions like Singapore can be larger in size. Some of their species may have wings but usually they cannot fly properly with them. Some of them are considered as pests as they enter human dwellings forcefully but some of them are beneficial for the humanity as they help in recycling the decaying materials. The species that came in pest category can cause various diseases as they are mostly found on the deposits of waste materials in the domestic as well as commercial kitchens where they can get their food. Some of them produce hissing sound whereas some emit unpleasant odours.

In order to stop the breeding of roaches in your home you should know how they can create chaotic conditions there.

Entrance: The roaches can get entry from outside into your home through gaps and cracks in your drain pipes, vents and sewer or through the products like boxes and bags you bring in.

Perfect breeding environment: The warm and moist environment in your home where they can get plenty of food throughout the year can be the ideal place for their breeding.

Rate of reproduction: The reproduction rate of the roaches is very high as they multiply in large numbers in the hides in your walls.

Crookedness: Roaches are crooked by nature as you cannot see all of them during daytime as they usually come out of their hides in the night. But if you see some of them in the day them it can be the sign of their massive invasion or breeding.

Most of the roaches can carry and spread various serious health problems like allergies and dysentery etc, as they dwell on waste materials and debris. Though you can try to stop their breeding in your home yourself but it will be easier if you have proper know-how and use appropriate tools and materials specially designed for this purpose.

Some effective ways of stopping the breeding of roaches in your home are briefly discussed here under for your guidance.

Increase cleanliness in your home: You can easily control the breeding of roaches in your home by keeping it clean always as they usually breed on left over and waste foods found on the table tops and the corners of your kitchen. You should clean all of your used cookware and stove etc. after finishing cooking and eating meals. Also keep the dustbins closed to prevent the entry of roaches in them.

Use insecticides and repellents: You can repel or kill the roaches before they start breeding in your home by spraying repellents or insecticides available in the market specially for this purpose. You should use them as per the instructions provided on their package to get the best results without harming you or your family.

Treat breeding areas with chemicals: The roaches normally breed in the dark spaces behind the cracks in your walls or other furniture items including cupboards and drainage systems. So to get rid of them and stopping their breeding you should identify such places and treat them with the chemicals specially designed for this purpose.

Keep your food covered: If you keep your food covered always then the roaches will not get food for their survival which will also affect their reproduction. Thus you can prevent their breeding in your home by always keeping your food covered as it will compel them to go out of your home or die. Along with keeping your food in air tight containers you should also clear out the spills as soon as possible to make their eradication more effective.

Use of electronic devices: You can find various types of electronic devices which can affect the nervous system of the roaches to control their breeding. The high frequency waves emitted by these devices can reduce the reproduction capability of these pests along with repelling them. these devices are effective on the pests but safe for humans.

Keep the debris away from the house: You should keep all types of debris whether it is from your backyard or from your kitchen waste, away from your house as most of species of roaches dwell and breed on the piles of wood and debris. So you can prevent them to find the place of their breeding by keep all of your debris away from your house.

Use of traps: You can find traps in the Singapore market which can help you in getting rid of the roaches present in your home in an effective and safe manner. You can place these traps near their expected breeding places like near the places of waste disposal and heavy furniture where they can find food or hide themselves. The adhesives used on these traps helps in attracting the roaches to them.

Seal all the cracks and gaps: You can also stop the breeding of roaches in your home by block all of their breeding places as they usually breed in dark places like cracks and gaps in your walls, furniture and other such places. So by sealing all of the gaps and cracks properly you can easily prevent their infestation in your home.

Thus by sealing the entry of roaches in your home, improving the cleanliness level of your house, treating the expected places of breeding with suitable chemicals and removing the sources that can help them in their breeding including food and moisture you can easily stop their breeding in your home even if you are not professionally trained for it. But if you still find it difficult for you then you can engage a professional pest control company in Singapore for this purpose.