Wednesday, 16 December 2015

How to Prevent Bugs from Breeding in Your Home

There are an estimated ten quintillion insects on our planet. These bugs are always on a look out for food and a comfortable place to live and breed. Most bugs would love to share your home. Unfortunately, they are scary, annoying and a health hazard. To keep them away, you need to bug-proof your home.

Getting rid of bugs is a three-tier process. It involves preventing bugs from entering, making sure they don’t breed in the house and killing those that may have already invaded your home. To accomplish these objectives, you must essentially deny bugs food, water, and shelter. Here are ten ways to prevent bugs from breeding in your home.

1. Seal Your Doors and Keep them Shut
Many bugs find their way into homes through unsealed doors. Deny bugs entry by properly sealing your doors. Examine your entrances and deal with the easy bug-entrance paths. There are many door-sealing techniques you can use. A steel or aluminum threshold and a door sweep under a door can prevent crawling insects. Similarly, adding weather-stripping to the door frame will bar insects from entering. After sealing your doors, make sure to close them. Self-latching doors are an excellent choice if you're living with kids.

2.Repair Cracks

Bugs can squeeze in through tiny cracks. They can also hide and breed in small crevices.Examine your home’s exterior and repair cracks in foundations, damaged sections of siding, rotted wood and crumbling bricks. You can fix the holes using mortar, cement, and caulk.

3.Deny the Bugs Food and Water
You can deny bugs food and water by doing the following:

- Limit where you take meals
All members of your household should eat either in the kitchen or the dining area. There will be fewer areas with crumbs and food residue, and this will discourage bugs from invading and breeding in your home.

- Clean your floor daily
The kitchen and dining area floors can carry a lot of food crumbs. Sweep the floors or vacuum clean them daily to eradicate the bug-attracting mess.

- Deal with spills promptly
Clean kitchen spills immediately. If need be, move furniture and appliances to tackle all the mess.

- Wash the dishes
Dirty dishes smell can beckon irritating bugs. Don’t keep dirty dishes or even soak them for more than a day. Wash your dishes, drain any dish water and make sure to wipe down the sink.

- Clear the drain
Drains can be bugs’ watering holes. If you have a slow moving drain, clear and clean it. Repair leaking sinks and drains too.

- Wipe down food bottles and jars
Residue on the side or lid of your honey, syrup, butter and oil containers can attract insects. After opening such containers wipe down the outside of the container and its cover.

- Store food properly and dispose of spoiled food immediately
Store your food in tightly sealed packaging. Keep the unsealed food in the refrigerator. Check out your fruits and vegetable and throw away the rotten ones promptly. Flies love the smell of rotting food.
- Keep pet food out of bugs’ way
Pet food can attract insects such as ants and cockroaches. Put the food away after meal times or feed your pet in a bug-proof container.

4. Manage the Yard
Insects such as mosquitoes and fleas can invade your home through the yard. Best practice yard maintenance requires you:

- Prune foliage close to the house
You should take care of bushes, trees, shrubs and flower beds near the house. Trim back such vegetation to reduce the chance of an infestation.

- Eliminate pooling
Stagnant water offers bugs perfect breeding grounds. Common water collecting areas include holes, discarded children’s toys, and birdbaths. To eliminate pooling, drain out stagnant water, improve drainage, add fill dirt to holes and maintain regular drainage channels. Change the water in birdbaths and fountains regularly. As for the swimming pool, make sure to keep it chlorinated and filtered at all times.

5. Store and Dispose Trash Properly
Your trash can be bugs’ feast. You need to handle and dispose of your garbage in the right manner. To keep away bugs make sure to:

- Clean out the recyclables
Sort out your trash and rinse out any reusable plastic, glass and metal containers.

- Clean garbage containers
The trash and recycling containers require a minimum monthly wash. Wash the insides and outsides with a scrubbing brush, detergent, and water.

- Put a lid on your garbage
Fitting lids on garbage effectively keep smells in, bugs out and infestations away.

6. Add and Check Screens
During the warm months, bugs can invade your home through open windows and doors. To keep the insects where they belong, add fine screens to your windows and doors. Screens can keep out most common household insects and pests. Remember to maintain your existing screens. Make sure to repair or replace any broken screens.

7. Encourage Natural Bugs’ Predators
Predators are a natural way of maintaining balance. You can bug-proof your home using this biological pest control method. Plant trees and bushes where birds can make nests. Birds such as swallows and warblers love feeding on mosquitoes. Bats are also excellent insect killers. They can feed on bugs such as mosquitoes, flies, and wasps. If you are not afraid of them, you can encourage them by installing a bat house in the yard.

8. Clean Clothes Before Storing Them
Dirty clothes can be bugs’ magnets. Before putting clothes in the closet, wash or dry clean them first. It’s also good to store the clean clothes in properly sealed containers. If you suffer an infestation, the clothes will be safe, and it will be easier to manage the situation.

9. Keep Foundations Clear
Keep your foundations clear and protected to reduce the risk of termites, ants, and fleas infestations. Keep the foundations dry to discourage bugs that breed in wet places. Avoid holding items such firewood, piles of leaves, mulch or grass clippings near the house. You should also check for gaps and repair them. Treating your foundations with termiticides and other non-toxic treatments can also offer a level of protection against bugs.

10. Cover Large Openings
Large openings in your home’s exterior can provide bugs with easy entrance. Look for ways to cover the large holes. Some fine wire mesh and pre-fabricated caps can adequately cover those openings.

Despite your best efforts, bugs can still win. You should always be alert for signs of an infestation. If you notice bugs in your house, try to eradicate them using available chemical and safe extermination methods. You can also consult pest control and fumigation experts for thorough pests removal.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

How To Stop Roaches From Breeding?

Roaches are among the insects found all over the world as they can live in wide range of environments but no one wants to keep them in his home or any other property as they can be harmful for everyone in various manners. Before discussing how to stop the breeding of roaches in Singapore you must have brief information about them and their effects in your property.

Usually roaches have six legs, 2 inch long physical structure and two antennae but the roaches found in tropical regions like Singapore can be larger in size. Some of their species may have wings but usually they cannot fly properly with them. Some of them are considered as pests as they enter human dwellings forcefully but some of them are beneficial for the humanity as they help in recycling the decaying materials. The species that came in pest category can cause various diseases as they are mostly found on the deposits of waste materials in the domestic as well as commercial kitchens where they can get their food. Some of them produce hissing sound whereas some emit unpleasant odours.

In order to stop the breeding of roaches in your home you should know how they can create chaotic conditions there.

Entrance: The roaches can get entry from outside into your home through gaps and cracks in your drain pipes, vents and sewer or through the products like boxes and bags you bring in.

Perfect breeding environment: The warm and moist environment in your home where they can get plenty of food throughout the year can be the ideal place for their breeding.

Rate of reproduction: The reproduction rate of the roaches is very high as they multiply in large numbers in the hides in your walls.

Crookedness: Roaches are crooked by nature as you cannot see all of them during daytime as they usually come out of their hides in the night. But if you see some of them in the day them it can be the sign of their massive invasion or breeding.

Most of the roaches can carry and spread various serious health problems like allergies and dysentery etc, as they dwell on waste materials and debris. Though you can try to stop their breeding in your home yourself but it will be easier if you have proper know-how and use appropriate tools and materials specially designed for this purpose.

Some effective ways of stopping the breeding of roaches in your home are briefly discussed here under for your guidance.

Increase cleanliness in your home: You can easily control the breeding of roaches in your home by keeping it clean always as they usually breed on left over and waste foods found on the table tops and the corners of your kitchen. You should clean all of your used cookware and stove etc. after finishing cooking and eating meals. Also keep the dustbins closed to prevent the entry of roaches in them.

Use insecticides and repellents: You can repel or kill the roaches before they start breeding in your home by spraying repellents or insecticides available in the market specially for this purpose. You should use them as per the instructions provided on their package to get the best results without harming you or your family.

Treat breeding areas with chemicals: The roaches normally breed in the dark spaces behind the cracks in your walls or other furniture items including cupboards and drainage systems. So to get rid of them and stopping their breeding you should identify such places and treat them with the chemicals specially designed for this purpose.

Keep your food covered: If you keep your food covered always then the roaches will not get food for their survival which will also affect their reproduction. Thus you can prevent their breeding in your home by always keeping your food covered as it will compel them to go out of your home or die. Along with keeping your food in air tight containers you should also clear out the spills as soon as possible to make their eradication more effective.

Use of electronic devices: You can find various types of electronic devices which can affect the nervous system of the roaches to control their breeding. The high frequency waves emitted by these devices can reduce the reproduction capability of these pests along with repelling them. these devices are effective on the pests but safe for humans.

Keep the debris away from the house: You should keep all types of debris whether it is from your backyard or from your kitchen waste, away from your house as most of species of roaches dwell and breed on the piles of wood and debris. So you can prevent them to find the place of their breeding by keep all of your debris away from your house.

Use of traps: You can find traps in the Singapore market which can help you in getting rid of the roaches present in your home in an effective and safe manner. You can place these traps near their expected breeding places like near the places of waste disposal and heavy furniture where they can find food or hide themselves. The adhesives used on these traps helps in attracting the roaches to them.

Seal all the cracks and gaps: You can also stop the breeding of roaches in your home by block all of their breeding places as they usually breed in dark places like cracks and gaps in your walls, furniture and other such places. So by sealing all of the gaps and cracks properly you can easily prevent their infestation in your home.

Thus by sealing the entry of roaches in your home, improving the cleanliness level of your house, treating the expected places of breeding with suitable chemicals and removing the sources that can help them in their breeding including food and moisture you can easily stop their breeding in your home even if you are not professionally trained for it. But if you still find it difficult for you then you can engage a professional pest control company in Singapore for this purpose.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Can Drying Mattress In The Sun Kill Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs are some of the most annoying pests at home. In Singapore, just like everywhere else, bedbugs are notorious for causing irritations to the skin whenever they bite. Though they do not transmit diseases, their bites lead to sleepless nights.

Getting rid of bedbugs is not always a walk in the park, as they have their own ways of survival in this world where only the fittest survive. Their small size makes it easy for them to exist almost everywhere in the bedroom, including the cracks and crevices in bed frames, mattress seams, wall sockets and other areas. Pest control agencies in Singapore are working day and night to get a long-lasting solution to this problem but bed bugs are continually getting adapted to the commonly used methods of controlling them. This calls for use of an Integrated Pest Management approach.

Natural versus artificial bed bug control methods. 

Use of pesticides is not always the best method of controlling bed bugs, because it is not always advisable to spray mattresses or clothes. Additionally, the foul smell of most pesticides may take several days before disappearing. In general, natural methods of fighting bedbugs like drying them in the sun are normally preferred to the artificial ones.

Indeed, one of the simplest bedbug extermination methods is exposing them to direct sunlight. The mattress is the most favourite habitat of bedbugs, and therefore concentrating on them can actually help in fighting bed bugs. It has been proven that drying mattresses in the sun can kill bed bugs, especially when the sun is extremely hot. Here are a few points in support of this method.

· The sun’s rays are dangerous. They cause several skin diseases to human beings. If this is so, what about bedbugs? Ultra-violet rays of the sun are particularly harmful, and after exposing bedbugs to these rays, you don’t expect them to survive.

· Bedbugs are poikilothermic. Meaning that their body temperature changes with that of the surrounding. Exposing bedbugs to the sunlight therefore exposes them to unfavourable conditions and interferes with their normal body functioning. Their simple bodies cannot tolerate extreme conditions, and therefore they will die after exposure to high temperatures, whether from the sun or elsewhere.

· The eggs of bedbugs are the most adversely affected by direct sunlight. Direct sunlight denatures the cells of these eggs, killing them instantly. Remember that killing bedbugs alone will not eliminate bedbug infestation, as long as their eggs survive.

Points to note. 

This method is only successful when all the guidelines and details concerning how it should be done are followed religiously. Here are some of these guidelines.

· As you move the mattress out of the house, be careful to ensure that the bedbugs do not scatter.
If they do, they will spread to other areas in the house, meaning that your efforts will be as good as useless.

· For better results, remove the covers of the mattresses and sun dry them separately. You also need to dry the mattresses from all the sides.

· You may need to turn the mattresses frequently to ensure that bedbugs on all the sides have been sufficiently heated by sunlight. 

· Keep the mattresses exposed to maximum solar insolation when the sun is hottest. You may need to move them from one place to the other to ensure that they are always exposed to direct sunlight.

· Depending on your position from the equator, you may need to place the mattresses at a certain angle in order to trap maximum sunlight. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, place the mattresses facing the direction of True south, while if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, the mattresses should be facing northwards. At the equator, keeping the mattresses flat on the ground is recommended. Singapore is slightly on the Northern hemisphere, and therefore placing the mattresses southwards is advisable.

· The best place to place the mattresses is on the roof, preferably one made of corrugated iron sheets. The temperature of the sheets on the underside of the mattresses and the UV rays of the sun on the side of the mattresses facing the sun rays will put the bedbugs between a rock and a hard place.

Advantages of this method. 

The fact that this is a natural bed bug extermination method clearly means that it is not associated with any side effects, like many artificial methods. It is also easy to apply, as it does not need any specialized training. It only requires the sun to be shining brightly. It is also cheap, as you may not actually incur any costs.

Limitations of this method.

There are a few limitations of this method, just like any other method. For instance, it needs to be done repeatedly for it to be effective. Needless to say, whichever method used, complete elimination of bedbugs is very difficult in the first attempt because of the cryptic nature of bedbugs. Other limitations include:

· Bedbugs are usually active at night. They go to their hideouts during the day, and therefore they may not be exposed to the direct sunlight during the day.

· Bedbugs hide in the tiny pores in mattresses, where direct sunlight may not affect them. This is so especially in cases of heavy infestation.

· You need to dry the mattresses from both sides, and this may be challenging. This is because when the bedbugs sense heat on one side, they may find their way to the other side which is obscured from direct sunlight. You may find yourself playing hide and seek with the bedbugs, until you place the mattresses in such a way that most of the surfaces are facing sun rays directly.

In summary, bedbug control requires a holistic approach rather than a single-sided approach. The first step in fighting bedbugs involves performing a detailed inspection to locate the bedbugs and identify their harbourage sites. A customized bed bug control program would then follow, depending on the extent of infestation. The program needs to integrate multiple tactics such as sanitation, pesticide application and most importantly, prevention measures.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Do Most Pest Control Companies Have A Warranty?

Singapore, a country rich in food resources and good climate provides a great breeding ground for pests. The monsoon winds provide the right temperature for insect and animal breeding. The high level of human encroachment leads to competition for land between residents and pest. Pests will breed in various places e.g. The sewer, abandoned buildings, underground structures, rivers and tunnels. After a while, their population increases and they start moving out to other areas. This where human and pest conflict begins, the pests are searching for newer areas to settle. Hiring pest control services is the best decision you could make, because they completely eliminate any pests living around you.

Attempting to get rid of pests on your own may be like playing whack a mole. Today you get rid of some pest the next week you complain that there are more pests in your home. Pest lead to huge losses if not taken care of. Rats in this instance could chew off the wire in your house or factory. Leading to unproductive days no production if you are a factory in this case. Pest control is a legalized business and using one guarantees the best pest control ways. There are many variations in pest control services, you can search for one offering particular services. Before selecting a particular service provider you need to weigh out the pros and cons of a particular service.

Their experience in pest control?
Singapore pest control companies are experienced in dealing with pest from that region. When looking for an ideal pest control service you need to look for an extremely experience company that will deal with the pests properly. Looking into a companies performance rate before trying them out. You need a company fully experienced in Singapore pests and the best way is to use a resident company. They have the full knowledge and expertise on what to do when dealing with pest infestation.

Their experience gives them an added advantage in dealing with pests.
They their job thoroughly and with ease compared to a newbie trying out pest control. These companies have great reputation and they are the go to teams. Experience helps them deal with the great variety of pests you could be having efficiently.

Due to their expertise their fee could be higher and mostly booked throughout the season.
Do they offer a warranty?
Dealing with pests can be a tricky issue. The chances of the pest coming back are high and most of the companies try to escape offering warrants. A warranty helps you acquire their services for free during the warrantee period. Most of the companies view this as a liability offering their services for a second time for free. If you are looking for a company offering their services together with a warranty you will have to cough up more. Houses in pest prone areas are hard to give a warranty i.e pest routes, near drainages will have getting a warranty is tough. Most pest control service firms will do an analysis of the area you are in then give you a warranty period.

The most common type of warranty offered is a 30 day period. If you are looking for longer period you will have to subscribe to a monthly charge. Analysing your contract and bargain for a better deal gets you a better warrant deal. Use this opportunity to get yourself a better deal. Most companies steer clear of offering a warrant and you too should avoid these companies. Warranty, pest control hand in hand if you want to enjoy a pest free home, house or building. Always use the services of pest companies offering a warranty.


Are their pest control methods safe?

Investigating the types of chemicals used by pest control is another vital part. In order to get rid of the pest problem fast pest control services may result to use potent chemicals. In residential areas you should take caution since children may get affected. A child may eat something on the ground and the results could be catastrophic.

Always try to find out what chemicals the pest control company will use. Most of the companies are straightforward on the methods used and will be open on what they are doing. Some pest control uses green methods in eradicating pest. Green companies will be trying to save the environment when using methods. Most of the substances used are quick to perish, and still get their work done. Although green methods aren't a guarantee that pest will go away for good. It is a simpler way of trying to keep mother nature satisfied.

Look into a company's history on how it gets rid of pests and see whether they meet your qualities.

How quick and effective are they?
Extermination services should be fast as possible, especially when you are a business entity trying to keep their image clean. As soon as you note any existence of pest that's when you should get their services. But getting rid of some pests can be quick while some other pests it could take some time. Termites take a longer time in completely eradicating and might also need the some structural changes.

Always look for the time taken in getting rid of a certain pest problem. This will help your business in analyzing how long it might go off. If the infestation is great you could try out pest control services during the low season. Trying out services that are quick may not always be 100% effective and you could end hiring more after services after trying them out.

Getting extermination services is fairly easy, you will many businesses offering their services at a great price and its all up to you in selecting a company that meets your demands. Local services are always the best since they know what they are dealing with and how to deal with it from experience. Get a company offering you more perks in pest control. Do it yourself process is not always 100% successful, you need to leave this to the professionals. Most companies don't offer warranties and when they do it is usually a short 30 day contract.